Enterprise Solutions

Portal Construction

From simple websites to highly sophisticated e-service portals, AL Taqnyah has proved proficiency in glittering the online image of organizations, the overall on different technologies (i.e: SharePoint, Adobe, Open Source…)

Business Process Management

In times where resource utilization and governance became key factors in running organizations, process automation comes as a savior. With automated forms and business processes, organizations are now able to minimize their processing times, make better use of their resources and most importantly measure their performance, to plan in the right direction.

Application Integration

99% of organizations have systems already in place, and they are looking forward to complementing them with other pieces of the technology puzzle. A portal, a content management system or an ERP, each implementation have to take into consideration the available technical landscape, and consequently integrate with it to decrease the footprint of the implementation on customer.

Enterprise Content Management

This field is key to every organization, as it is the major milestone allowing transition into the paperless world. An ECM project could be a simple installation or a major backlog conversion project of millions of paper archive. No successful organization could run without an ECM!

Added Value Services

Complementing services: In addition to the above major domains, comes complementing services covering different aspects, as:

Document Security:
Be it paper or electronic, document security is key to every electronic system. Additional layers might be added as DRM or paper security to enhance systems as per the criticality of the business.

Electronic Signature:
Signatures are and will always be part of our business processes, and unless they are also digitized, end-to-end automation remains a myth. With AL TAQNYAH’s 360 degrees signature solutions, handwritten electronic, digital PKI based or mobile signatures, we’ve got it all covered!

Mobile Applications:
now that everyone is going mobile, systems are looking forward to reach more audience without major reinvestment on their systems. AL Taqnyah thanks to its cross platform development does just that.


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