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e-Notary System - Dubai Courts

Dubai Courts eNotary is envisaged to cater 350,000 users annually and it avails 65+ Notary services from Dubai Courts. The demand for this service was stimulated by the increasing number of citizens visiting Dubai courts for required services.

The primary objective of Dubai courts, to have maximum service availability online for end users, agents, lawyers, firms and typing centers was to reduce the overall traffic of end users applying for Notary services, giving the users flexibility to avail & apply for the services online. At the same time the process could be managed efficiently by Notary public officials.

eNotary Provides a wide variety of data entry options, be it for parties, representatives or applicant:

  • Manual
  • Database fetching
  • Electronic Identity Card
  • Profile fetching

Unlike most applications where attachments are required, eNotary builds the list of required attachments dynamically based on the service, number of parties, representatives…

eNotary is seamlessly integrated with Dubai Government payment gateway, and was architected to be easily integrated with any other payment gateway.

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