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Access Control - Dubai Police CID

In a world full of both internal and external risks, companies of all sizes are increasingly turning to improved physical access control to protect their valuable assets, ensure regulatory compliance and limit their exposure to liability. Al Taqnyah provides the most critical tool in combating these risks – controlling where and when someone has access to a particular resource, asset or area!

Flexible Solutions to Fit Any Need

Our Access control systems can be used to monitor and limit access throughout a facility, ensuring employees and visitors alike only have access to approved areas. With a variety of authentication technologies available, including PIN, Proximity/Smart Card and Biometric, Our system can be tailored with off-the-shelf products to fit the security needs.

Unparalleled Ease of Use

Whether from the end user’s point of view or that of the installer; Our Access control systems were designed with ease-of-use in mind. Initial configuration of the system is similar to that of a network printer. The self-contained nature of the Al Taqnyah Access control systems means there are no costly servers or applications to maintain.

In fact, all administrative tasks can be performed using a simple web browser such as Microsoft’s Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox and most web-enabled mobile phones. The ability to encrypt the network traffic with 128bit SSL encryption allows an administrator to securely manage the system anywhere in the world – even on unsecured networks like the World Wide Web!

Cutting-Edge Technology for Physical Access Control

Our system is the culmination of over years of experience in biometric and card based physical access control solutions. Al Taqnyah has developed a proven, long-standing track record.


Al Taqnyah implemented a new generation, quality design and motion sensor technology devices. Devices support fingerprint, PIN and RF/SC cards authentication.

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