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Moot Court Competition Automation - Maktoum Initiatives
Moot Court Competition Automation Project

The MOOT Competition:

"Maktoum Bin Mohammed Al Maktoum Moot Court Competition in as academic competition intended for students at all the Law universities and colleges in United Arab Emirates. The competition includes two phases:
Phase 1: Preparation of written memos on the basis of facts and presumptions (the case).
Phase 2: Oral pleading between competitive teams from universities and colleges in front of a judicial arbitration panel.
The competition is organized annually by Dubai Courts, and proceeding with the vision on preparing a practiced future generation of legal experts”

The Application enhances the efficiency and the transparency of the Competition. IT supports the full span of the competition:

Starting from registration of participants with email and SMS notification to support the registration process.

Moot Court Competition Automation Project

Phase One of the competition is also supported by the application, during which the participants are required to share written materials (the application allows for wide range of format).

Judges details are also entered to the Application and registration for them is done pre to the live event, allowing each one of them to have his login credentials during the event.

Moot Court Competition Automation Project

Phase Two is normally executed during an EVENT and judging is done live. The Application randomly select the Universities which will be competing against each other. And also randomly assign them to the judging committees.

Moot Court Competition Automation Project

Each judge independently grades each of competitors.

Moot Court Competition Automation Project Moot Court Competition Automation Project

All the grades are computed by the Application to work out the winner.

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